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We live in an era that is burdened by the logic of profit and the dominance of savage capitalism that knows only primitive interests. Such dynamics are leading this world to serious disturbances, among which wars and the global ecological crisis are the most visible. Emphasis on selflessness and altruism is a valuable alternative to the currently ruling matrix.

Spreading charity among the Serbian people

Selflessness is the third point of the value system of the "Petar Mandic" Endowment, equally important as knowledge and righteousness, which precede it only based on a quote from a letter that Nikola Tesla sent to his nephew Nikola Trbojevic in 1928.

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The "Petar Mandic" Endowment was created with the aim of spreading selflessness among the Serbian people, with the desire to restore the ethos of endowment and to nurture the virtue of charity. By way of this virtue, which is one of the central points of Christian ethics, Tesla's ancestors lived, whose memory the Endowment cherishes.

Following the example of his self-sacrificing ancestors, and above all following the example of the self-sacrifice of his father, an Orthodox priest whose hand was always extended to the poor, Nikola Tesla was also a very charitable man. Throughout his life, he performed acts of mercy to the extent that, following the advice of his parents, he gave alms to the degree that the dignity of vulnerable people was not violated. He did this, according to the testimony of his nephew Sava Kosanovic, even when he assumed that people from the "trade" were asking him for money, and not real beggars. If there is a distinctly Christian virtue that Tesla cultivated all his life, and which he undoubtedly first saw in his parents, then it is the virtue of charity.

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