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The literary contest

The literary contest

On March 31st, the first contest for the "Professor Borivoje Jelic" award was held at the Nova Varos High School. The competition was held according to the contest propositions published on our internet portal.

The first competition for the "Professor Borivoje Jelic" award

A sealed envelope with a set topic was opened at the beginning of the competition by Professor Milana Perosevic Martinovic. This year's topic was "Honour your father and your mother".

Milana Perosevic Martinovic | Nova Varos High School | literary competition | "Honor your father and your mother"

Thirty students of the Nova Varos High School took part in the competition. All the entries were scanned and sent to Dr. Oliver Subotic (one of the Endowment's founders and a Managing Board member in charge of contest coordination) who then forwarded the coded submitted entries in electronic form to each member of the jury individually.

The entries in their original, paper form were kept by the High School for their archives.

Students of Nova Varos High School literary competition | "Professor Borivoje Jelic" award

In order to eliminate any adverse influence on the jury, the list of its members will be published only after the decision on awarded entries has been made. The awarded entries will be named after the codes under which they were submitted. The jury's decisions will be published on April 10th, on the birth date of Professor Borivoje Jelic, on our internet portal.

After deciphering the authors' names and surnames, the awarded entries will be published on our internet portal.

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