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Selection criteria

Selection criteria

When awarding scholarships, the Managing Board of the Endowment uses a methodology that allows the funds to reach the right hands. The choice of the student who receives the scholarship depends on the absolute majority of the votes of the members of the Managing Board, who vote independently of each other and without influence from each other.

Prerequisites for receiving a scholarship

In addition to the criteria already defined in in the form of guidelines of the Statute of the Endowment, there are certain prerequisites that must be met.

Prerequisites | financial scholarship of the "Petar Mandic" Endowment | interest in Nikola Tesla

Those are:

  • That the candidate is from the municipality of Nova Varos or originally from it. This criterion was introduced because the municipality of Nova Varos is one of the poorest in Serbia and, at the same time, exposed to permanent tendency of emigration of the population. Furthermore, it is where Petar Mandic originated from, after whom the Endowment is named.
  • To study technical or other sciences that do not necessarily have to be technical. Students of technical sciences have priority in cases of the same number of votes.
  • That they are students interested both in the character and work of Nikola Tesla and his ancestors. This criterion is implemented through a written composition on a specific topic.
  • Preference is given to students from vulnerable social groups (students without parental care, from single-parent families, students with disabilities, students with chronic or rare diseases) in the case of an equal number of votes for two or more candidates.
  • General success in secondary school / faculty is taken into consideration.
  • The social environment and the general situation of the candidate’s family are taken into consideration.
  • In order to avoid conflicts of interest, the recipient of the scholarship cannot be a person who is closely related to the members of the Managing Board of the Endowment.
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