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Righteousness, i.e., the love of justice, is the second point of the value system of the "Petar Mandic" Endowment. In a world where the values of truth and justice have become rare, and in a society where the gap between law and justice is increasingly created, the affirmation of the said values are more than necessary.

A fundamental virtue of Christian ethics

Tesla's ancestors were tremendously righteous people, which is quite expected, since this trait is one of the fundamental virtues of Christian ethics, and Tesla's ancestors were mostly Orthodox priests.

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Tesla himself inherited this virtue from his immediate family environment, and above all from his parents, Milutin and Georgina, from whom he learned from early childhood that truth and justice always win and that one must stick to them to the end, as was said by his by a man of the same surname, Simo Tesla.

Parental advice meant a lot to Tesla to endure in the just fight for his patent rights, when he was repeatedly robbed, but also unfairly accused. Tesla showed the idea of righteousness combined with patriotism in the fight for his people, when Serbia was attacked by the Austro-Hungarian Empire during the First World War. That kind of righteousness combined with patriotism was evident at the New York conference regarding the debate on the Adriatic territory, when Tesla recommended Vladislav Savic as a representative Kingdom of Yugoslavia, with simple advice: "You will speak justice and the truth, and the Americans will be on our side."

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