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The parenting schools organised by the "Petar Mandic" Endowment have an extremely practical orientation and concern the acquisition of applicable and useful knowledge in practice, needed to form and preserve a harmonious marriage and to raise healthy children in a psychophysical sense.

Lectures and dialogues

The structure of a class is in the first part one-sided, in terms of lectures on a concrete topic, while in the second half it is a two-way structure, in the sense of being a dialogue between lecturers and students.

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The Endowment organises parenting schools in collaboration with the clinical psychologist Vlajko Panovic, a well-known Serbian expert in the domain of the family and the relationship between family members.

Parenting school topics

  • Recommendations for the choice of married partner and experience from practice;
  • The first year of marriage and situations which are characteristic to it;
  • The reason of the origin of conflicts among marital partners and how to solve them;
  • The pregnancy period and the relationship of the mother and father with the unborn; child through the experiences of prenatal psychology;
  • The arrival of a child into the world and recommendations during the period of breastfeeding;
  • The first years of the child and developmental peculiarities of that period;
  • Starting kindergarten and a preschool institution and what follows this period;
  • Preparation for starting school and the first year of school;
  • The particularities of the primary school period;
  • The challenges of adolescence for the family.

Attendance of seminars is free.

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