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Prenatal Period and Breastfeeding

Prenatal Period and Breastfeeding

On August 11th, 2023, in the premises of the Preschool Institution "Pasa and Natasa" in Nova Varos, clinical psychologist Vlajko Panovic delivered the first lecture on parenthood as part of the "Petar Mandic" Endowment's parenting seminar.

The first lecture on parenting

The lecture's topic revolved around "The Significance of the Prenatal Period and Breastfeeding for a Child's Psychological Development: Advice for Parents", with a subtheme on the role of the father and the importance of accepting the "daughter-in-law" in the household.

Addressing this highly important subject, Dr. Vlajko Panovic provided numerous constructive advices, both for family members and those preparing to start a family.

The lecture aimed to raise awareness about the importance of the prenatal period and everything leading up to a child's birth, as well as the significance of the breastfeeding period, the role of the father figure, and harmonious relations with the daughter-in-law within the husband's family.

Selecting the right partner

Dr. Panovic emphasizes the paramount importance of choosing the right partner for everything that will follow - that infatuation, passion, and self-interest should not be the Endowment of entering into marriage, nor should children be "accidents", as is often the case in our culture. He highlights that such marriages lack the warmth necessary for a newborn when they come into the world.

Acceptance of the daughter-in-law

The importance of accepting the daughter-in-law by the husband's family is linked by the speaker to the prenatal period of the child, emphasizing that a child can experience favorable or unfavorable experiences that come through the mother's womb as soon as they come to life. According to Dr. Panovic, special attention should be paid to the mother carrying the child, both by the husband and the family.

Prenatal period and birth

Delving further into the prenatal period and birth itself, Dr. Panovic emphasizes that what a child learns in their mother's womb and during the first year of life forms the basis for their future relationship with reality. The child's brain in the womb remembers everything, reacts to everything, and until the third year, the mother communicates with the child through feelings.

When a child is born, they are still psychologically one with the mother - they listen to the beating of the mother's heart, which soothes them. They close their eyes but feel and react to any raised tone and tension.

The Father's Role

The lecturer emphasizes the significance of the father figure as exceptionally important. According to his words, the father should be by his spouse's side throughout the entire pregnancy period, including during childbirth. As the child senses the father's presence even while in the womb, it is advisable for the father to talk to the child and address them. The father's figure is essential during breastfeeding as well, as the child absorbs the presence of two distinct individuals, which contributes to pleasant experiences.

Dr. Panovic regards the father's figure as especially crucial for a child's development up to the age of three. If the father is absent during this period, the child may have difficulties later in life, not experiencing marriage in the proper way as a union of two people.


Dr. Panovic highlights that the quality of the relationship between the mother and child during breastfeeding significantly influences the development of certain character traits in the child. The warmth of a mother's milk evokes a pleasant experience in the child, something that has come from the outside world, and talking to the child during breastfeeding also has a positive impact. If arguments, shouting, or the mother's nervousness precede breastfeeding, the child may bite the mother's breast while nursing as a consequence.

At the end of the lecture, Dr. Vlajko Panovic provides answers to constructive questions from the audience about postpartum depression, baby colic, children's anger and screen addiction.

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