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Adolescence Period

Adolescence Period

The fourth lecture within the framework of the parenting seminar organized by the "Petar Mandic" Endowment was held on August 12, 2023, in the hall of the High School in Nova Varos.

The Fourth Lecture on Parenting

Dr. Vlajko Panovic spoke to the gathered parents, teachers and students of the school on the topic of "The Adolescence Period and Its Challenges".

Dr. Panovic began his presentation by explaining the phenomenon of loneliness within the community and clarified what are the wrong methods related to intimidating children about the consequences of some vice, which some parents are prone to.

He emphasized the importance of building a healthy parent-child relationship based on agreements and direct communication. For example, children should ask for money in a specific amount for a particular purpose, return from the city at the agreed-upon time, etc.

A specific topic he addressed was the influence of media on children's psyche, the harmfulness of video games, and depression among young people. He compared two paradigms: population control achieved through force, as in the Orwellian model, and control achieved through satisfaction, as in the Huxleyan paradigm.

He stressed the importance of teaching children to be virtuous individuals and the need to train them in patience. He also highlighted the significance of sports for the psychophysical development of children and youth.

Dr. Panovic also touched on the need for adolescents to belong to someone during their adolescence and presented an interesting typology of young people in contemporary jargon, depending on which group they belong to.

In the following part, adolescents had the opportunity to reflect on this lecture and actively participate in it with their questions and comments.

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