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The Mandic family, to which Nikola Tesla's mother belonged, is no less important than the Tesla family. The second central exhibit of the ethno-museum complex that the "Petar Mandic" Endowment plans to build in Radoinja, opposite the Mandic families of Radoinja, will be dedicated to that family.

Generations of excellent priests

This family is known above all for the fact that it produced excellent orthodox priests through several generations.

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Already in Tesla's time, it was calculated that the Mandic family (to which Tesla's mother belonged) had exactly 36 Orthodox priests, taking into account vertical and lateral genealogical lines.

Tesla's attachment to his mother Georgina was special and exceptional. His mother's image was deeply etched in his heart and followed him throughout his life. At the same time, Tesla believed that he received the gift of genius from his mother, so the story of Georgina Mandic is central to this part of the architectural complex.

A special place in this family is occupied by Tesla's uncle, the priest Petar Mandic, later Metropolitan Nikolaj of Dabar-Bosnia. He was Tesla's favourite relative and the second most important man when it comes to the Mandic family. The significance of this man is that it was through him that Tesla became acquainted with Descartes' writings, and then fell in love with mathematical formulas and, in general, the mathematical way of thinking. Uncle Petar (along with Uncle Paja) gave him a scholarship during his studies when he lost his father, and Uncle Petar was the first person to organise financial help for Tesla when his company in the US went bankrupt.

There is another enigmatic personality that the Endowment will be shed more light on for visitors when the ethno-museum, with God's help, is built. It is Tesla's maternal grandfather, Nikola Mandic, a priest and a man with a special inventive gift.

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