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The Budisavljevic and Kalinic families

The Budisavljevic and Kalinic families

In addition to the Tesla and Mandic families, which had a dominant influence on Nikola Tesla, the ethno-museum complex plans to include an architectural part dedicated to the Budisavljevic and Kalinic families.

Priests and soldiers

Both priests and soldiers in the Budisavljevic and Kalinic families.

Nikola Tesla | Tesla's grandfather Tomo Budisavljevic | ancestors and origins of Nikola Tesla

Tesla's maternal grandfather, Toma Budisavljevic, was an especially compelling character, even honoured by Napoleon. He was an exceptional priest and no less a brave soldier - a border guard. It was said that he served the Holy Liturgy in the morning, and in the afternoon he went to the border to defend the Military Frontier from the Ottoman Empire.

When it comes to the Kalinic family, the emphasis will be on the mother of Milutin Tesla, Anna, the daughter of a Serbian colonel from the Military Frontier in the Austrian Empire.

In the adjacent part of this architectural complex, an exhibition section is planned, dedicated to the history of the "Petar Mandic" Foundation – its goals, values, projects – as well as to Petar Mandic, the doyen of the Nova Varos cultural scene, after whom the Endowment is named, and the characteristics of the Mandic family of the Zlatar region.

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