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The annual report

The annual report

The "Petar Mandic" Endowment was registered on 26th April 2021 and has so far achieved many of its operative and strategic aims, which it regularly reports on.

The regular annual report of the Endowment’s work

Intensive and fruitful cooperation with respectable institutions and individuals has been achieved, which share the Endowment's values. Project financing, payment of legally required mandatory duties and the regulation of donation acceptance, the "Petar Mandic" Endowment conducts with complete transparency.

Tesla Science Foundation

Intensive cooperation has been achieved with Tesla Science Foundation from Philadelphia, primarily concerning Tesla Clubs, which were started by this American organization.

The Endowment's representative (its founder) has been an active participant in that project in the past year, in terms of strategy development in the following areas:

  • the affirmation of family values and the acquisition of virtues by the students attending the programme;
  • motivating the students in acquiring new knowledge;
  • establishing valuable cultural connections with the children from other nations and cultures.

NTC Learning System

A fruitful cooperation with NTC learning system has been achieved concerning specialist consultations and joint lectures regarding the improvement of emotional and mathematical/logical intelligence in children.

The High School Nova Varos

Cooperation with the High School in Nova Varos has been started in terms of the affirmation of family values and parenting.

Tesla: Duhovni lik (Tesla: The Spiritual Character)

The sale proceeds from the book, Tesla: Duhovni lik (Tesla: The Spiritual Character) and voluntary contributions have been used to finance the following statutory projects:

The Endowment's expenses

The only running costs the Endowment has are mandatory duties required by law. In all other activities the Endowment relies on its patrons, whose resources cover the costs of the internet page, book-keeping and technical support.

Our biggest patrons in the past two years have been:

 Financial assets

All financial assets the "Petar Mandic" Endowment receives are directed towards realizing its statutory aims.

Each financial transaction the "Petar Mandic" Endowment receives, goes through the bank account and is available for public viewing in the regular financial report given to APR (Business Register Agency).

A principled attitude towards donations

The "Petar Mandic" Endowment has, in the past two years remained faithful to its principle of not accepting donations from casinos, betting shops, the tobacco industry, political interest groups, non-government organizations which promote unchristian values and secret societies.

Vladimir Obucina | co-owner of SmartBerry Solutions from Belgrade and Manager of the "Petar Mandić" Endowment

Vladimir Obucina,
The Endovment's Manager
Belgrade, 26. 04. 2023.

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