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Mak Trade Group

Mak Trade Group

Mak Trade Group is a company that primarily deals with the production and distribution of electrical materials. In addition, it covers the areas of automation, electrical installation material, electrical accessories, lighting fixtures, accessories for ventilation devices and additional equipment, heating elements, as well as spare parts for home appliances.

A company with a thirty-year tradition

Mak Trade Group was founded in 1993 by Slavko Radmilovic, a young man who aimed to multiply his talents and abilities. Thirty years later, the company can boast of having over 120 employees and exporting products to over 30 countries.

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The success of Mak Trade Group is reflected in the long-term loyalty of its customers, partners, and employees.

The usage of electrical energy the best way possible

Mak Trade Group's goal is to use electricity in the best possible way, through quality and ecological products available to everyone. The idea is to make good technological solutions accessible to every home. Also, one of the goals is to encourage work on product quality throughout the country of Serbia, as well as to promote the abilities and opportunities of this region for growth and development in the field of electrical engineering.

Acquisition of knowledge and experience in work

Long-term employees, who approach work with great responsibility, represent the face of this company. New employees - young people - are in safe hands when it comes to acquiring knowledge and new experiences.

The Endowment’s Patron

The Endowment’s Patron

The Mak Trade Group company, at the suggestion of its founder, owner and director, Slavko Radmilovic, sponsored the book Tesla: Duhovni lik (Tesla: The Spiritual Character). From the sale of that book, the "Petar Mandic" Endowment received the first funds needed to fulfil its statutory goals.

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Mak Trade Group DOO, Belgrade

Slavko Radmilovic

Podavalska 2b
SRB-11231 Belgrade
Republic of Serbia

Phone: +381 (0)11 35 31 700
Email: office[et]

Endowment "Petar Mandic" - logo

"Petar Mandic" Endowment
Gandijeva 44/49
Postal Number
Municipality of New Belgrade
Date establishment
Registration Body
Serbian Business Registers Agency, Republic Serbia