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NTC Learning System

NTC Learning System

In accordance with its statutory goals, the "Petar Mandic" Endowment also achieved the first practical cooperation in the field of parenting schools.

Cooperation with the NTC Learning System

With the NTC Learning System, invented by Professor Ranko Rajovic, doctor of neuroscience, an expert in early mental stimulation of children, the Endowment has constant professional consultations in the field of improving the mathematical, logical and emotional intelligence of the youngest generations.

Ranko Rajovic | NTC Learning System | Novi Sad | workshops for children | learning through play

The founder of the "Petar Mandic" Endowment, Presbyter Dr. Oliver Subotic, together with Professor Ranko Rajovic held a joint online lecture on 26th January 2022, entitled "Mistakes made by parents - challenges of growing up in the 21st century".

Ranko Rajovic | NTC Learning System | mistakes of parents | growing up in the 21st century | Oliver Subotic

A total of about 150 parents followed the webinar. The lecture was organised by the NTC Learning System in cooperation with "St. Sava" College from Sydney, and was aimed primarily at parents in Australia. A large number of parents from the Balkans and throughout Western Europe also joined the lecture.

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