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Second AI Lecture

Second AI Lecture

Following the noteworthy first lecture on artificial intelligence, presented by Dr. Oliver Subotic and Dr. Branislav Kisacanin, we are pleased to announce the second session of lectures on artificial intelligence. 

Second Session of Lectures on Artificial Intelligence

The series of lectures on artificial intelligence, jointly organized by Matica Srpska, the Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the "Petar Mandic" Endowment, continues successfully. For the presenter representing the Endowment, Presbyter Dragan Popovic has been selected.

Follow the lecture via "livestream"!

Follow the lecture via "livestream"!

If you are interested in the topic of artificial intelligence, and you are not able to attend the lecture in person, follow the "Petar Mandic" Endowment and get the opportunity to follow the artificial intelligence conference live.

By filling out the aplication form, you will be sent a link to the "livestream" when the time comes, and you will be able to follow the lecture, wherever you are at that moment.

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The theme of Dragan Popovic's lecture, the author of the book "Bioethics of Death: Utilitarianism and Orthodoxy", will be: Challenges of Artificial Intelligence from the Perspective of Orthodox Bioethics.

About the Presenter, Presbyter Dragan Popovic

Presbyter Dragan Popovic | orthodox bioethics | artificial intelligence | lecture in Matica Srpska

Presbyter Dragan Popovic was born on November 18, 1971, in Arandjelovac. After completing the Higher Economic and Commercial School of the University of Novi Sad (1996), he developed an interest in Orthodox theology. After a few years, he enrolled in and successfully completed studies at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology of the University of Belgrade (2005). During the years 2007-2009, he resided in Athens (Greece) for postgraduate theological studies and advanced training in the Greek language.

He has been professionally engaged in bioethical issues for over a decade and is considered one of the foremost experts in this field among the clergy of the Serbian Orthodox Church. He is the author of the monograph "Bioethics of Death: Utilitarianism and Orthodoxy" (2022), which has set new standards in addressing bioethical challenges among Serbian theologians. He has translated five books from Greek to Serbian, written by leading authorities of the Greek Church in the field of Orthodox bioethics.

He lives and works in Belgrade.

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