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"Dok Andjeli Spavaju"

"Dok Andjeli Spavaju"

Presbyter Oliver Subotic was a guest of Marina Rajevic Savic’s TV show Dok Andjeli Spavaju (While Angels Sleep).

About the Endowment's work in the show Dok Andjeli Spavaju

During his guest appearance in the show Dok Andjeli Spavaju (While Angels Sleep), father Oliver Subotic spoke about the goals, among other things, of the "Petar Mandic" Endowment, which were established according to the example of Tesla's ancestors.

Emphasising the idea that the people from these turbulent areas should be smart and inherit the tradition that Nikola Tesla's uncle, Petar Mandic, was guided by, when in the 19th century he advocated the idea of brotherhood among the Balkan peoples who are divided by faith, father Oliver underlines the mutual assistance, respect and dialogue between Serbs and other peoples from these areas as one of the key goals of the "Petar Mandic" Endowment.

Speaking about the symbolism of the name of the charitable institution, the two Petar Mandics are mentioned. The first is Petar Mandic from Nova Varos, the doyen of the culture of that region, after whom the Endowment is named. The second is Petar Mandic, Metropolitan of Dabar-Bosnia, whose memory will be cherished through the work of the Endowment as Nikola Tesla’s relative who had a great influence on his nephew.

Milutin Tesla is a role model for the Endowment’s work on stimulating the mental abilities of younger generations, Georgina Tesla is a role model for opening parenting schools that will help parents base their children's upbringing on true values, and Metropolitan Petar Mandic is a role model is for the dialogue between religion and science and scholarships for students without one or both parents.

Another important goal of the "Petar Mandic" Endowment is highlighted in the conversation, which is the construction of an ethno-museum complex in the village of Radoinja dedicated to Tesla's ancestors.

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