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Case Study Club

Case Study Club

The Case Study Club is based at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences at the University of Belgrade, under the leadership of Professor Vesna Damnjanovic (who is, at the same time, a member of the Expert Council of the Endowment), who has officially represented the University of Belgrade in world case study competitions, in which she has taken first place in the past decade.

Cooperation with the Case Study Club

Less than a month after its establishment, the "Petar Mandic" Endowment had its first public engagement, realised in cooperation with the Case Study Club, the largest student management consulting organisation in Southeast Europe.

Case Study Club | FON | student organization for management and consulting

As part of the Belgrade Case Study Week event held from 14-23 May 2021, the "Petar Mandic" Endowment was included in one of the 6 start-up projects for which Case Study Club students had to provide solutions within precisely defined tasks.

Belgrade Case Study Week | ethno-museum complex, Radoinja, nature reserve Uvac | case study

Triple project task

  1. finding potential donors and investors who would support the construction of an ethno-museum complex dedicated to Tesla's ancestors;
  2. creating objectively defined criteria on the basis of which the Endowment would award annual scholarships to students;
  3. creating the Endowment's communication strategy in the digital environment towards the target public.
Lazar Kirkov | Nikola Bunjevic | Viktorija Barisic | Pitch tournament | Belgrade Case Study Week

The jury that decided on the ranking of student presentations before the Endowment included, in addition to the founder, Presbyter Oliver Subotic, members of the Managing Board, Vladimir Obucina and Nikola Puric, as well as member of the Expert Council of the Endowment, Zeljko Gajanovic, founder and owner of the IT consulting company hoQMee d.o.o., Novi Sad.

Belgrade Case Study Week | Case Study Club | Oliver Subotic, founder of the "Petar Mandic" Endowment

The "Petar Mandic" Endowment will gladly cooperate with the Case Study Club organisation in the future.

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