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"Pecat" ("Печат")

"Pecat" ("Печат")

On the internet site of the Pecat (Печат) newspaper on 17th February 2023, an article by Presbyter Oliver Subotic was published on the topic the "Teslianism" phenomenon.


In his article for Pecat (Печат), Presbyter Oliver Subotic presents a highly critical analysis towards the appearance of the cultist (sectarian) pseudo-religious movement "Teslianism", which was formed around the character and works of Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla | the greatest Serbian inventor, genius and scientist | in the laboratory

Father Oliver cites Professor Velimir Abramovic as the creator of "Teslianism", who presents the idea of a new form of religiosity associated with Tesla's character and work.

Presbyter Oliver Subotic takes a critical look at Abramovic's statements about Tesla's religiosity and points out that the genius inventor considered himself an Orthodox Christian.

The article also underlines the fact that Tesla is undoubtedly a genius, but that, like any living being, he was prone to mistakes throughout his life, which he himself often admitted and (perhaps intentionally) made as a defence mechanism against those who while he was still alive considered him to be an extra-terrestrial being. It follows that Tesla would certainly suffer today because of the idolatrous attitude that some people have towards him.

Nikola Tesla | portrait of Nikola Tesla | the greatest Serbian scientist | New York | USA

Also, the author of the article points out that in Tesla's interviews and texts one can find a lot of bizarre statements that should be read with a critical distance, and that it is precisely these statements that cultists around the world use to shape Tesla's character the way it suits them. That is why it is emphasised that Tesla, although a genius, was only a man of flesh and blood.

The author of the article concludes that one should have an affirmative-critical attitude towards Tesla's ideas - what makes him unique in his contribution to civilisation should be clearly emphasised, while his character should not be approached cultically, which "Teslianism" persistently does.

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