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Third Lecture on AI

Third Lecture on AI

On Wednesday, September 6th, at Matica Srpska, a lecture on artificial intelligence took place. The speakers for this event were Professor Dr. Vladan Devedzic and science journalist Stanko Stojiljkovic.

The Third Chapter of the Dialogue on Artificial Intelligence

Following the first lecture in May and the second in July, the third lecture on artificial intelligence was held, focusing on generative artificial intelligence and the future of humanity and artificial intelligence.

The lecture on artificial intelligence, which was accessible via livestream, was organized by Matica Srpska, with co-organizers including the Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the "Petar Mandic" Endowment.

Professor Dr. Vladan Devedzic

Professor Dr. Vladan Devedzic

"I don't know why no one has told you - it's all a game of numbers"

In the first part of the lecture, Professor Dr. Vladan Devedzic, a computer science professor at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, spoke. Throughout his extensive research career, he has been involved in and/or coordinated numerous international and domestic projects. He is the author of a large number of research publications, a speaker at over 20 lectures and plenary presentations at international research conferences, and the author of over 20 tutorials.

His current professional and research interests include artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

He is the founder and coordinator of the research network GOOD OLD AI. Since 2021, he has been an associate member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.  

Professor Dr. Vladan Devedzic | artificial intelligence | lecture in Matica Srpska

Throughout the lecture by Professor Dr. Vladan Devedzic, the audience had the opportunity to become better acquainted with the achievements and functioning of generative artificial intelligence.

The speaker introduced the audience to the concept of neural networks, a technique in artificial intelligence that allows for the recognition and generation of various complex information based on a large number of small processing units. The underlying operation of these small processing units involves mathematical manipulation of numbers. As part of the discussion on neural networks, terms such as deep neural networks, recurrent neural networks, and GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) were explained.

During the lecture, Professor Devedzic discussed the possibilities of generating images, video materials, data, text, and more using generative artificial intelligence. 

To better explain the various aspects of using generative AI, he provided examples of several programs for generating content, including DreamStudio, PhotoLab, DEEPBRAIN AI, Dall E 2, and Stable Diffusion. He also highlighted potential abuses of certain programs for creating fake content and outlined methods for recognizing false content that appears on the internet.

Science Journalist Stanko Stojiljkovic

Science Journalist Stanko Stojiljkovic

"Man without a future - Will machines eradicate humans?"

Stanko Stojiljkovic is a science journalist who conceptualized, founded, and edited numerous magazines in Yugoslavia and Serbia.

He has written around 10,000 articles, commentaries, columns, and interviews on science and technology. He is the author and host of 50 interviews ("Science 50") on RTS (Radio Television of Serbia) with the most prominent Serbian scientists in the country and the diaspora. He is also the author of numerous popular science books and has received numerous awards as a Serbian science journalist.

Seven years ago, he conceptualized the popular science portal "Galaksija Nova" (, which has attracted over 950,000 readers (30% of them from abroad). Six years ago, he also conceptualized and launched the print edition of the scientific magazine "Galaksija".

Stanko Stojiljkovic | science journalist | artificial intelligence | lecture in Matica Srpska

Stanko Stojiljkovic based his lecture on the book "The Brain on a chip: Man without a future - Future without man".

He emphasized the rapid development of information technology and its exponential growth, leading to the challenge of human interaction with artificial intelligence, a creation of humans themselves.

The speaker also discussed comparing the human brain to a supercomputer, waves of artificial intelligence development, and predictions about the future of humanity. 

He presented provocative predictions about "eternal life", the creation of artificial humans made of the same atoms and molecules as natural humans, and the rise of other beings that could dominate the world if artificial intelligence becomes equal to natural intelligence.

Stojiljkovic mentioned DNA computers, molecular computers, quantum computers, and concepts like weak, strong, and super artificial intelligence in the lecture. 

He concluded his presentation with the famous quote that "man cannot change the world without changing himself".

Follow for information about the next lecture

Follow for information about the next lecture

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