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The fourth lecture on AI

The fourth lecture on AI

On the 11th of October, 2023, a lecture on artificial intelligence was held in a joint collaboration between three institutions: Matica Srpska, the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Serbia, and the "Petar Mandic" Endowment.

The fourth dialogue on artificial intelligence

This marked the fourth installment of the dialogue on artificial intelligence, with the participation of Professor Dr. Vlado Delic, representing the Institute, and Dr. Dragan Novkovic, representing the Endowment.

The topics addressed by the lecturers revolved around advancements in the development of speech and language technologies based on artificial intelligence, as well as its historical and philosophical aspects.

Prof. Dr. Vlado Delic

"Achievements in the Development of Speech and Language Technologies Based on AI - Benefits and Risk"

Dr. Vlado Delic lecture on artificial intelligence | Matica Srpska

Professor Dr. Vlado Delic presented a lecture on the "Advancements in Speech and Language Technologies Based on AI - Benefits and Dangers". In his presentation, Professor Dr. Vlado Delic discussed the current scope of this field, focusing on solutions related to speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversions using artificial intelligence technologies.

Professor Delic introduced several software solutions in this regard and their practical applications, with particular emphasis on their significance for individuals with disabilities. These technologies significantly aid in their everyday life, various activities, communication etc.

The lecturer emphasized the necessity for Serbia to develop its own software solutions in this area, for several reasons. In this context, he presented a software solution that his programming team developed for healthcare institutions. This solution enables the generation of precise medical reports in textual format through voice input, including professional terminology in Latin.

Professor Delic advocates for the use of artificial intelligence in applications that bring benefits to humanity. However, he also highlights the need to address the issue of technology misuse, especially in the context of deepfake phenomena, privacy, security, identity theft through voice cloning, and similar concerns.

Dr. Dragan Novkovic

"Historical and Philosophical Aspects of Artificial Intelligence"

Dr. Dragan Novkovic | lecture on artificial intelligence | Matica Srpska

Professor Dr. Dragan Novkovic delivered a lecture on "Historical and Philosophical Aspects of Artificial Intelligence".

He commenced by delving into ancient Greek philosophical thought, with a particular focus on Democritus, who made a significant breakthrough by introducing a distinctly materialistic philosophical discourse that acknowledged only atoms and their movements.

Professor Novkovic placed special emphasis on René Descartes' philosophy, which, in his view, forms the foundation of modern science and is inherently materialistic in its essence. He pointed out that Descartes, despite being a Christian and a student of Jesuit schools, formulated principles that effectively excluded God from the realm of natural phenomena, regardless of his personal belief to the contrary.

Professor Novkovic presented a wealth of interesting information related to Descartes' life, including lesser-known episodes. He then emphasized that contemporary artificial intelligence, in its present form, directly builds upon Descartes' philosophical legacy, which, according to Professor Novkovic, is flawed due to a significant deficiency in incorporating the spiritual realm into natural phenomena.

Professor Novkovic stressed the need for a paradigm shift and a change in thinking within this domain. He asserted that all the problems we face today, including those emerging in the field of artificial intelligence, stem from the incorrect Cartesian paradigm.

Following the lectures, a discussion with the attendees took place, during which they raised their questions and shared their comments. Both professors agreed that, among other things, the term "artificial intelligence" is controversial, but widely accepted.

Prof. Dr. Vlado Delic | Dr. Dragan Novkovic | lecture in Matica Srpska

After the presentations and the lively discussion, the speakers, along with the Edowmnet director Vladimir Obucina, the President of the Board, Nikola Puric, and the Endowment founder, Oliver Subotic, as well as several interested attendees, continued the conversation on artificial intelligence and its challenges in an informal atmosphere in the grand hall of Matica Srpska.

Prof. Dr. Vlado Delic | Dr. Dragan Novkovic | Dr. Oliver Subotic | Vladimir Obucina | Nikola Puric

Stay Informed About Future Lectures

Stay Informed About Future Lectures

It is planned to hold two more lectures on artificial intelligence by the end of the year. To receive timely information about each of the upcoming lectures, their topics, and presenters, you can click on the "Follow" option and fill out the form to avail yourself of this opportunity.

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