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Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

On Friday, December 22, 2023, in the Grand Hall of the Matica Srpska, the sixth and final part of the dialogue on artificial intelligence will take place.

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

The series of lectures on artificial intelligence, jointly organized by Matica Srpska, the Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and the "Petar Mandic" Endowment, will conclude with a panel discussion on four topics. The speakers for the discussion include Academician Vladan Devedzic, Prof. Dr. Dragan Novkovic, Dr. Oliver Subotic, and Dr. Branislav Kisacanin.

Follow the lecture via a "livestream"!

Follow the lecture via a "livestream"!

If you are interested in the topic of artificial intelligence, but are unable to personally attend the lecture at the Matica Srpska, follow the "Petar Mandic” Endowment online, which will enable you to follow the conference on artificial intelligence live.

After filling in the form, you will be sent a link for the "livestream", so you will be able to follow the lecture wherever you happen to be at that particular time.

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The first topic for discussion will be:

Present: AI - Pro et Contra

The panel discussion will be opened by Dr. Branislav Kisacanin, a representative of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia.

Dr. Branislav Kisacanin

Dr. Branislav Kisacanin

Dr. Branislav Kisacanin, one of the founders of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia, was born and raised in Novi Sad, where he graduated in electrical engineering from the Faculty of Technical Sciences. He earned his doctorate in electrical engineering and computer science in the United States at the University of Illinois.

He has built his career in industrial and research centers in the United States, most recently at Nvidia. He is a recognized expert in the application of artificial intelligence in automotive safety systems and autonomous driving. He is the author and editor of several scientific books, special editions of scientific journals, and international patents.

Др Бранислав Кисачанин | вештачка интелигенција | предавање у Матици српској

The second topic for discussion will be:

Past: In-Depth Examination of the AI Phenomenon in the Context of Human Thought History

The panel will be opened by Dr. Dragan Novkovic, a professor at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Belgrade.

Prof. Dr. Dragan Novkovic

Prof. Dr. Dragan Novkovic

Dr. Dragan Novkovic is employed as a professor of acoustics at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Belgrade.

In addition to his work in acoustics, he is actively involved in designing and leading international projects in the fields of higher education, science, and culture. He initiated the international Quantum Music project, successfully implemented in collaboration with the University of Oxford, the University of Aarhus, and the National University of Singapore from 2015 to 2022.

He engages in innovative work in the field of audio technology through research and development of speaker technologies with distributed modes and MIDI conversion of physical parameters of acoustic-mechanical systems.

Dr. Dragan Novkovic | lecture on artificial intelligence | Matica Srpska

The third topic of discussion will be:

Future: Utopian and Dystopian Perspectives in the Development of AI

The panel will be opened by Academician Vladan Devedzic, a professor at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade.

Academician Vladan Devedzic

Academician Vladan Devedzic

Academician Vladan Devedzic is a professor of computer science at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade. Throughout his long research career, he has participated and/or coordinated a large number of international and domestic projects. He is the author of numerous research publications, a speaker at over 20 invited lectures and keynote speeches at international research conferences, and the author of over 20 tutorials.

His current professional and research interests include artificial intelligence and machine learning. He is the founder and coordinator of the GOOD OLD AI research network. Since 2021, he has been an associate member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU).

Professor Dr. Vladan Devedzic | artificial intelligence | lecture in Matica Srpska

The final topic of the panel discussion will be:

Will Machines Replace or Alter Human Beings?

The dialogue will be opened by Dr. Oliver Subotic, a presbyter of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the founder of the "Petar Mandic" Endowment.

Presbyter Dr. Oliver Subotic

Presbyter Dr. Oliver Subotic

Dr. Oliver Subotic is a priest of the Serbian Orthodox Church, educated as a graduated engineer, master of theological sciences, and doctor of sociological sciences.

He was the first director of the Center for the Study and Use of Modern Technologies of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

A topic he particularly delves into is the protection of citizens' privacy in the information society.

He is the founder of the "Petar Mandic" Endowment, a charitable institution that preserves the memory of Tesla's priestly ancestors.

Oliver Subotic | Presbyter | SOC | founder | "Petar Mandic" Endowment
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